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About Us

Owned and managed by Multi Award Winning entrepreneur Si Carvell, proprietor of the most succesfull business directory in Rossendale which provides essential advertising solutions accross the Valley.

The executives behind Carvell Digital Business Development have over 50 years of shared experience. This includes, but is not limited to; Sales and Marketing, Advertising and Networking. They have been helping businesses develop since 1965.

Digital Advertising and Marketing

Digital Advertising and Marketing, is a message; to help promote a business, their products and services by way of online activity. Including Web Design, Social Media and Point of Sale Display.

Digital Advertising and Marketing can be complex.

CDBD can take the hassle away and help you drive business growth through various channels.

The CDBD team of experts can design adverts to help your business standout from the rest and attract traffic to drive engagement.

Digital Advertising experts, have three primary objectives - to Inform, Persuade and Remind your potential customers to buy your products or services.

Over the last 15 years, CDBD have designed, produced and implemented Advertising and Marketing strategies that incorporate Web Design and Social Media Networking that do just that.

Business Startups

From the initial stages of getting a business off the ground, to reaching out, continuous conducting of market research is inevitable.

CDBD have assisted 100's of businesses. Helping them to develop swiftly, using and advising on various forms of Digital Media.

CDBD have also helped 100's of well-established businesses, to reinvent their organisations via digital transitions.

Why Choose CDBD

With an active customer base of over 500 commercial clients across Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire, Carvell Digital Business Development have an unparalleled knowledge, a reliable and honest business ethic, and a lifetime of unprecedented ideas.